Though I am a professional interior designer, the do-it-yourself ethos has always been close to my heart. Over the years I’ve enjoyed teaching basic decorating to DIYers in local community classes.

Typically at the end of my presentations, I’d open up for questions and solicit feedback. In one memorable class, a woman, distressed and almost in tears, shared her design dilemma. Feeling her pain, everyone offered ideas. Overwhelmed by the response, the woman pleaded, “I just wish you all could come to my home and help me!”

Her request sounded so reasonable. Her anxiety was palpable. I offered, “Why not, let’s go to your home for our next class!”

A collaborative, hands-on decorating experience was born. We called it designHop. Simply moving from the classroom to the lab, provided extraordinary results!

Why designHop? Well, we “hop” from home to home to decorate each other’s spaces.

Since our first meeting four years ago, our group has come together to transform nearly forty spaces and counting. We’ve learned a lot, and we want to share.

We believe if in every community a designHop were to mobilize, everyone would live beautifully!


DANA KING, Interior Designer and founder designHop decorating clubs

Design is in me. I’ve designed spaces for as long as I can remember, starting with my dollhouse when I was four years old. I would not simply arrange my dolls’ furniture; I’d make ‘custom’ furniture meticulously cut from paper and folded into chairs, tables and curio cabinets. I used wrapping paper for wallpaper, thimbles for vases, and paint miniature paintings for the walls.

When I was sixteen, circa 1978, my mother gave me a thousand dollars to redesign my bedroom. I painted a graphic arrow in three shades of green that traveled around my room, up and over the door and through the window treatment – metal mini-blinds, custom made with the “arrow” that ran through the middle. Today we’d call it “retro”.

Fast forward, my mantra is to make design happen for everyone. As a grown-up, I have a great deal of fun creating beautiful spaces for amazing people. I invite you to see my work and design studio: DANASDESIGNSTUDIO.COM


“I really enjoy being a part of the designHops! It’s a way for me to be creative. I’ve always been interested in interior design, but didn’t know where to start. I learn so much from the group members about all aspects of design. It’s great to be able to practice my skills every month. I’ve grown more confident. Participating in designHop has even inspired me to think about starting my own career as a Designer some day.” -ALLISON MILLER

“DesignHop is a creative outlet for me to share my ideas and be inspired by others.  Having had the group over to my house several times, I feel like each time was a completely different and helpful experience.  Not only did the group highly influence the rooms that we worked on, but I feel that the inspiration spilled into our entire house.  Design doesn’t just happen and it can be an overwhelming amount of work when you think you have to do it alone.  When there are others around you the job not only becomes easier, but more enjoyable.  It also feels really good to be able to go over to someone’s house and enter a room in one state and leave it as a finished product. I like to help others and this is one way that I can.”  -MAGGIE WHITING

“I love designHop!  It’s something that I look forward to every month and I’m bummed if I have to miss it.  I had the designHop ladies over to my house in February 2010 and they helped me put together my bedroom in a way that I hadn’t considered.  I am so happy with the results!  Even after all this time, I still really love the room. -LEIGH CHRISTENSEN

“I have had such a fun experience having the ladies to my house (tackling my kids’ rooms), as well as the many times I have gone to others’ homes and dug in.  It is really fulfilling to accomplish the many different tasks that each design challenge presents.  It is inspiring and motivating for me to work on my own space at home. I have learned a lot about interior decorating and have built great friendships with my fellow Design Hoppers.  I always look forward to designHop!” -LISA EREKSON