designHop team

Let’s decorate the world one room at a time!

Do you feel overwhelmed by decorating your home? Does picking a paint color frighten you? Are you lost when it comes accessorizing? Are you stumped by where to put that loveseat?

Design is a contact sport! Sometimes, you need a team to tackle those challenging design dilemmas.

Interior Designer, Dana King, along with some fantastic young moms, created designHop™, a club that makes design happen for everyone.

The group paints, arranges furniture and accessorizes with things from around their homes. Simply, it’s friends helping friends to decorate.


Dana Video

Dana’s mission is simple: “make good design happen” for everyone. View more »

designHop IN ACTION

designHop Video

Check out the designHop in action! See how it works and start one of your own today.


Room - before & after

We’ve transformed over thirty rooms into fresh, functional spaces. View more »